Mousumi Bhandary:  Artistic Director - Kala-Anjali  

Founded in 2000, Kala-Anjali India Culture Center exists to promote multi-cultural awareness. Our goal is to strengthen the understanding of the Indian traditional dance and music and to advance the art through creation and preservation.

Kala-Anjali is dedicated to passing the traditions of India onto the future generations by offering high quality training and performances that represent India’s rich culture and heritage. Strongly rooted to tradition, Kala-Anjali’s mission is to continue building bridges between generations.

Kala-Anjali organizes musical concerts and dance events every year, creating opportunities for the youth and children to enjoy the live performances of renowned artistes. These concerts also serve the purpose of refining and elevating the taste of children in music and dance. 

Anjali, Taal, Jhalak , Panchabhuta, Chitrangada, Milan, Suur Taal, Ghungroo and Angika are the past Kala-Anjali production.

Visiting Artists :

Jayantee Paine ( Odissi Dance ): 2000

Bimbavati Devi (Manipuri Dance) : 2004

Krishna Majumdar ( North Indian Classical Vocal) : 2004

Nirupama, Rajendra and Abhinava group ( Kathak ) : 2005

Nirupama & Rajendra( Kathak Dance) : 2008

Tejendra Majumdar( Sarod) & Indranil Mallick ( Tabla) : 2009

Madhumita Roy ( Kathak Dance): 2010

Madhumita Roy ( Kathak Dance) : 2011

Madhumita Roy ( Kathak Dance) : 2012

Tejendra Majumdar ( Sarod) & Subhankar Banerjee ( Tabla): 2012  


Kala-Anjali has actively participated in many fundraising activities and has performed for many charitable organizations. Fundraising dinner show for the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and earthquake victims in Kashmir valley are some of them.

Kala-Anjali is incorporated as a non-profit corporation by the Secretary of State of Georgia



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